A Poem for this, A New Normal


I was really exhausted yesterday! I found myself unable to focus on anything. I was tired both emotionally and physically. So many dynamic and fluid parts, so many unknowns and uncertainties that we’re dealing with during this challenging and unprecedented time. I was having bittersweet feelings regarding the special Match Day today. As I was going through these feelings, I was reminded of a touchstone, “When things are hard, turn to wonder.” I decided to pen my thoughts. This is my wonder, my faith, my prayer!

A New Normal

Spring of 2020
Lives changed forever
The world truly as one humanity
Humbled to its knees
Yet united around one common goal
Pray, be present, protect, and preserve
Other priorities, other divides unimportant
Anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, sadness, grief
A myriad of emotions resonate
A humbling jarring reminder
Of who we are and what really matters
Our impermanence, our fragility
Our interdependence
All affected
No race, religion, gender, color or class
No discrimination
Only community
Only community
Committed to a CommonUnity
A new normal
A renewed respect for Mother Earth
A new respect for each other
A new hope
Of love, equality, care, gratitude and kindness
One united prayer
A better world
A new normal

~Mukta Panda

How is the coronavirus changing the way you think of self-care, community and resilience? As this week unfolded, I had the idea to post a daily quote on this blog with a reflection prompt. So stay tuned for quotes in the coming days, and please join in the conversation here or at Twitter about what you are doing for self-care and care of others.

Please stay safe. Our world needs you. We are grateful you are here.